This Blog Has Moved To My New Website

After years of talking about it I finally hunkered down and built a shiny new website to showcase my illustration work. The “trusty rusty” site was six years old, which equals about 100 internet years. It looked old, it felt old, and it was getting a little cranky—it just wasn’t playing well with the search engines. It was time to send it to the old website home and bring in an energetic, fresh-faced, young punk website.

One of the biggest changes is that this blog has now been rolled into the new site at So all you loyal blog subscribers will have to update your RSS feeds. I know that’s a bit of a hassle and I apologize. One of the main purpose for having a blog is to increase visibility of my work and ultimately land new clients, so it just made sense to have the blog hosted right here side-by-side with my portfolio. It also gives me an extra incentive to make sure each blog post is worth your time and attention.

If you subscribe to this blog via email I’m pretty sure I’ve set it up so that you’ll continue to receive blog posts automatically. So you shouldn’t have to do anything.

The site still needs a little tinkering but for the most part it’s ready to strut it’s stuff. If you run into any problems while browsing or have any suggestions for improving the site please let me know. I’d be happy to hear from you. And thanks again very much for your interest in my humble little blog.