I’m Now An Award-Winning Toy Designer

Play Illustration, a portfolio website for artists in the toy and game industries, recently held their 2011 International Art Competition which I entered. I’m pleased to announce that they’ve given me a Silver Award (second place) in the category of Concept Art for Toy or Children’s Product.

I found out on my birthday, which makes it extra-nice news. It’s definitely more exciting than the time my high school voted me “Most Likely To Attend Comic-Book Conventions Well Into His Thirties”.

The piece I entered (shown above) was some concepts and the final design for a plush teddy bear created for DecoPac, Inc. You can see how the final toy turned out on the DecoPac website or on my earlier blog post about the project.

I want to congratulate the first place winner, Timothy Banks, as well as all the other winners in the other categories. I also want to thank the nice folks at Play Illustration for the award. You’ve given me the excuse I needed to start doubling my rates. (I kid, I kid!)


5 thoughts on “I’m Now An Award-Winning Toy Designer

  1. Congratulations on the well-earned reward! I like the new blog and the banner. Just wanted to let you know I created an Influence Map on your recommendation (about a year ago). Since then, I’ve been able to meet two of the legends from my map: Sergio Aragones and Stan Goldberg. Both were gracious, and gave me solid advice as a cartoonist. Not only did the Influence Map creation inspire me, but also meeting two of my art heroes reminded me of what I love about cartooning, and what it takes to succeed in the field. Thanks for the suggestion! http://www.ramonecologne.com/2011/09/meeting-hero-and-legend.html

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