New Animation: “Are You A Good Person?”

I’m proud to announce the completion of a new animated short film that I produced and co-animated for the ministry of Living Waters. They are perhaps best known as the producers of The Way of the Master, a Christian reality series hosted by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron:

The cartoon is loosely based on a Gospel tract I illustrated for Living Waters back in 2006, and both are adapted from Ray Comfort’s best-selling book Hell’s Best Kept Secret. I was also inspired by many of the UPA and Disney educational cartoons from the 1950’s. The goal was to communicate a very serious and important message in a fun and entertaining way yet without watering down the content. It was a tough line to walk but I think we pulled it off.

I wrote, designed, produced, and edited the cartoon. The character of Mr. Nice Guy was animated by two very talented and hard-working animators: Michael Foster from Salty Graphics and Chance Dodd via Little Wolf Pictures. They also animated a couple of misc. shots. The rest of the artwork and animation was done by me. Mr. Nice Guy was voiced by Kirk Cameron and the Narrator was voiced by radio pastor David Jeremiah.

This was a giant project that took many months to complete. We ran into a few hurdles and setbacks along the way but the team at Living Waters couldn’t have been more gracious and helpful. They were absolutely a dream client to work with!

Of all the hundreds of projects I’ve worked on to date, this one was the most personal for me and also one of which I am most proud. But then, I’m so closely attached to it that its very hard for me to look at it objectively anymore. Besides, it doesn’t really matter what i think, it’s what the viewer thinks that’s important. So I value your input. I’d be very grateful if you could watch the cartoon (it takes 5 minutes plus a one minute promo at the end). Then, if you are so inclined please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


11 thoughts on “New Animation: “Are You A Good Person?”

  1. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only forgotten Son.” That guy is funny.

    Congrats on the animated version, Cedric! Glad to see it. I thought it would’ve helped if the explanation on what it means to believe in Christ were clearer and more precise.

    Is there a version without the last part where Kirk appears? Just the animation alone?

  2. Hey Cedric,
    This is really fun! What a high quality production. It is fun to see something done in the Christian industry that is not only well done, but entertaining. Since you have worked with Big Idea, I expect nothing less. I couldn’t imagine how many hours went into this, but you and your team should be proud.

  3. You guys did such a great job on this! WOW! I’m floored & have already been sharing this with everyone! It’s laid out so perfectly so people can understand. I absolutely love it. Congrats on a superb finish!

  4. Hey Cedric,

    Just got round to watching this. I’m not religious, but this was a brilliant and funny adaptation which kept me watching the whole way through! Timing and expressions made me genuinely LOL in some places. (I.e. Judges eyebrow for one) .

    Great stuff!

    Em 🙂

  5. Great job, Cedric! Religion is such a thorny subject — whenever theological principles are brought up, you stand a very real risk of boring or offending your audience. Cartoons make subject matter more approachable and easier to digest. Kind of like a friendly, universal language. Even if the message is rejected or questioned, you’ve built a bridge. Keep creating, Cedric, just like your Creator!

  6. This is really awesome!!! i’m a Christian…myself…. we need more stuff like this in ministry… u’re a great artist/animator…i’m glad i stumbled on ur blog…i’ll bookmark it.. hoping to read more of your informative posts…keep song a great job..

    There is no other way to do it other than this…u guys are great…Thanks again for the vid… i was blessed by it..

  7. Cedric, incredible!

    As a pastor watching this I kept thinking to myself I am so going to show this to people sitting across the desk from me who need to know Christ. It is such a creative way to share the most important message in the world. Great job and thank you for using your talents to bring glory to Christ!

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