Good Friday Cartoon

Today is Good Friday, the day Christians celebrate the torture, crucifixion, and death of Jesus Christ. So why is it called “good?” Good question.

Earlier in my career I illustrated this 8-page cartoon Gospel tract. I hope it will explain the answer.

Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on “Good Friday Cartoon

  1. Hi Cedric,

    I just purchased two stacks of this puppy in Spanish at the Way of The Master building in sunny Bellflower CA. I love the tract. The wife and I plan to distribute them in sunny Boyle Heights CA. which is part of East LA. This area needs prayer.

    The reason for the distribution is that I am currently involved with a small Spanish Baptist church that has not seen a new member in a long time.

    Anyhoo, I want to thank you for your involvement in one of the best, most lighthearted, but Truth carrying tracts I have ever seen. It’s inviting and fun to read, but convicting and full of the Gospel, so thank you.


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