Act II Popcorn Header

A few months ago I was hired by the terrific team at Minneapolis agency RPM Connect to illustrate an in-store display for Act II Popcorn, a brand owned by ConAgra Foods. RPM came to me with a fun concept (two kids bouncing around on a sea of popcorn) and a rough layout for the signage, then asked me to work up a sketch:

ConAgra gave us a thumbs-up to move forward. Due to printing limitations it was decided that we could only use five colors: Black, Red, Blue, Gold, and White. I could use any percentage of the colors I needed but we decided not to risk mixing the colors. In other words, I could use 30% red to get pink but I couldn’t add black to the red to get maroon. It was a bit of a challenge but in the end I think it worked out well.

I created the artwork in Illustrator. I made sure to place the kids and the floating popcorn bits on different layers so that the designer could have a little flexibility when fitting them into the different layouts. I didn’t bother illustrating all of the popcorn on the right-hand side of the artwork since I knew it would be covered up by the blue-and-gold “swoop” shape.

Here’s the final artwork I submitted:

And here’s the final header RPM designed for use in stores:

Look for this display in your local grocery store, and then grab yourself some yummy popcorn!


New DVDs from “VeggieTales” Creator Now On Sale

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I’ve had the privilege of doing a little animation for a new series from the Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, called What’s In The Bible?

Partnering with Tyndale House Publishers, Vischer’s plan is to build a library of DVDs that use puppets, animation, and live-action to take you through the Bible from cover to cover, using humor and music to educate people about what the Bible is all about.

Volumes 1 and 2 are now in stores. For now it is only available through Christian retailers, so check your local Christian bookstore or order online from

Here’s a short promo video for the series:

I did some animation work for three segments on Volume 2, including the puppet choir shown in ths video.

More info at the official site. You can also follow What’s In The Bible? on Facebook and Twitter.