From The Archives: Aliens!

I was digging through some old artwork and found some alien concept sketches I did way back in 2006. These were some “villain” designs from an educational project for kids that was to take place in outer space. As far as I know things never went much further than this before the project came to a stand still, for reasons I’m not privy too. (I did get paid for my work.) The client has asked that I not reveal any specific info about what they had in the works, so here you go….some silly aliens from the studio archives.

Any time I look back at old sketches like these I notice things I’d like to improve or do differently to make the designs stronger. That just means that with each passing year my skills are improving and I’m developing a keener eye. At least, that’s what I like to think.


2 thoughts on “From The Archives: Aliens!

  1. Time passes so quickly … and it’s odd at times to look back and see the progression of how ones skills evolve. I have been operating in the communications biz for a while … and only recent got back into illustration, because it is where I started … and hope to build on it. I got caught up in managing, and programming and everything else in between when required to be accountable when running a multi-staff studio.

    Over the past few year, I have committed to get myself back into being just a creative. Re-invent myself. Drawing skills coming back … but I believe I can always be better.

  2. I too am trying to re-develop my illustration skills. Skills I had when I was younger, but that I neglected over time.

    Time does pass quickly,… before you know it so much time has passed. It is important to know, though, that it is never too late to learn something new, or improve on something you always wanted to do better.

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