Sketchbook Update: Bible Guy


This afternoon I was designing a Bible character for a client project. This sketch was too exaggerated to meet the style the client needed, but I liked how it turned out so I decided to do a full render in Photoshop.


10 thoughts on “Sketchbook Update: Bible Guy

  1. Thanks Tom. Yeah, I was doing some Jesus sketches but this one (to me at least) came out of the pencil not looking at all like Jesus, at the very least I thought maybe it was a bit irreverent since it’s so greatly exaggerated, so I guess I just called him Bible Guy. Maybe there was some subconscious timidity there too, not sure. If so, shame on me! Jesus is our Lord and Savior and I should never be hesitant to mention His wonderful name.

  2. Tom, Cedric, this is something I sometimes struggle with too. I mean, it feels like you can be surrounded by a crowed and the moment you mention Jesus, you’re left with at least 1 person around you. But reading the comments you’ve both made really put me to shame. I guess this comes from wanting to be accepted. By it’s better to be accepted by God then by everyone else. There is much more glory in that. So shame on me for not mentioning him when I should 🙂

  3. I can identify with your struggle, Cedric. I hesitate to put the Lord’s name to something that I feel doesn’t reflect Him accurately myself. But hey, it’s still a nice piece of work 😉

  4. Strange, isn’t it, that the name of Jesus seems unique in that way? Most people wouldn’t hesitate to mention Buddah or Mohammed or Krishna, but there’s something about the name of Jesus that promotes a powerful response in people.

  5. (Actually, you would offend a great many people if you pictured Mohammad – it’s against Islamic law to portray him in any form)

  6. It does seem to be Jesus to me, and a fine drawing as well.

    As for mentioning Jesus. His IS the name above all names. You can talk any religious thing you want without fear (mostly). From Budda to Wicca, but once you mention Jesus then a line is drawn (always).

    Cedric and Eric, I read both of your blogs regularly, and you have both crossed that line many times. Please don’t stop.

    I have no problem mentioning Jesus when it seems relevant to my topic, but constantly fail to mention Him… constantly. I draw encouragement from both of you guys.

    May the Lord bless and keep you.

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