Bob Ostrom’s Illustration Tutorial


(Artwork by Bob Ostrom. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.)

Long-time illustrator Bob Ostrom has recently posted an excellent tutorial describing how he does his work. While you’re at it, don’t forget to browse his portfolio and blog as well. Great stuff!


5 thoughts on “Bob Ostrom’s Illustration Tutorial

  1. Hi, Cedric–I think I spoke with you on the phone several years ago. You have a very nice blog. I really enjoy your work…it’s always top notch and inspirational!
    Appreciate your Christian testimony, as well! Keep up the great work!

    I don’t know Bob personally, but I’m pretty sure we were both repped by the same NY agency…he does great work!
    Dana Thompson

      • Hi, Bob–thanks for saying hi! I went over to your site a week or so ago…very nice work, as always! I will plan on heading over there regularly. Haven’t had the chance to look at the tutorial Cedric posted…but will look forward to doing so…I think I was just caught off guard…and thought, “hey! I know that guy!”

        Sounds like you are staying busy! I still do work with the gang in NY…glad to run into you on the web! Drop me a line as you desire!
        (I will plan on contacting you from your site and leaving contact info)

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