Toy Design: Surfs Up Mickey Mouse!


For over a year now I’ve been designing toys for a company called DecoPac. They create many of the fancy birthday cakes you see in the grocery store bakeries, the ones with little plastic licensed characters on them. They offer a wide variety of quality cake designs for all occasions, and often develop fun themes using licensed characters to tie in with movie and TV franchises. On occasion they will hire me to develop toy concepts for some of the cakes. They are a terrific client and its a ton of fun.

The toys are manufactured overseas, and because of the many factors involved (including the length of time it takes to ship them across the ocean) the concepts may have to be developed a year or more ahead of time. Today I finally received samples of the very first toys I developed for them back in April of ’08, figurines of Mickey and Minnie Mouse for a surfing-themed cake. The shipment also included toys from two other cake designs which I’ll be posting in the near future.

For the surfer Mickey I developed a few different rough thumbnail ideas and then the final turnarounds. From there my sketches were sent to a sculptor and then finally to the overseas manufacturer.

Here’s the final turnaround designs as well as a promo photo of the final cake design from the DecoPac catalog. At the time the client wasn’t sure which colors to use on Minnie’s bow and swimsuit so they asked me to give them a few options:




(Toy designs copyright © 2009 Disney/DecoPac. All rights reserved.)


7 thoughts on “Toy Design: Surfs Up Mickey Mouse!

  1. Technically I’m not an “official Disney artist”, meaning I don’t work for Disney. I’m just fortunate to have done work for clients that happen to have working relationships with Disney properties.

    Everything I submit to my client is in turn submitted to Disney, and if there are any changes to be made my assumption is that Disney’s “official” artists would tweak it in-house. But to my knowledge that hasn’t happened yet.

    Then, once the toy is sculpted I’m pretty sure Disney has to approve the sculpt as well.

  2. Hello Cedric,
    I was just searching online for a photo of this cake, and luckily found your blog post! My birthday is coming up, and I just ordered this cake from Baskin Robbins yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that I love this cake, and can’t wait to pick mine up in a couple weeks!

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