A Quick Doodle


Took a break during an all-nighter to do this doodle. I liked how it turned out so I colored it. I may look at it in the sober light of day and decide it’s not that great, but at the moment I like it. Don’t ask me what that sheet of paper is he’s holding, it just came out of the pencil that way.


5 thoughts on “A Quick Doodle

  1. Cedric, I agree with Chris, great sketch! When you say this was done ‘on a quick break’…how long are you talking? That sketch would have eaten up my night.___Again, great character, great color, great stuff!

  2. I’m guessing the paper is a termination notice. This should be a contest šŸ™‚ Guess the prop based on how clearly the characterization is drawn. This guy looks like he’s sending someone packing.

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