Pre-Order Joe Bluhm’s “Sketch Infectus”


(Artwork copyright © Joe Bluhm. All rights reserved.)

Joe Bluhm is a terrific illustrator and caricaturist. I recently discovered his work and have been following him with interest.

Joe is self-publishing a sketchbook called Sketch Infectus. It’s jam-packed with great eye candy. Joe claims that “you probably won’t find a sketchbook with more drawings packed per-page between the covers”. The book will be available in March but if you pre-order by Feb. 5 you get a really cool bonus: Joe will cut out an original sketch from one of his sketchbooks and mail it to you with the book. Awesome!

I just pre-ordered my copy and can’t wait to see it. Get yours here.


3 thoughts on “Pre-Order Joe Bluhm’s “Sketch Infectus”

  1. I met Joe at last year’s Mega Con (in Orlando), and when I saw his REJECTS book I was immediately blown away by his talent. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him (his girlfriend is from Madison, where I live, and they were here for Christmas); Joe will be profiled in Issue 4 or 6.

    Speaking of profiles, yours (in Issue 3) will be published next week! The issue was delayed a few weeks thanks to my previous printer saying their price had more than doubled. Thanks in part to you, Cedric, this is the best looking one yet!

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