Grace Catherine Hohnstadt


Our second child, Grace Catherine, was born yesterday at 6:28pm, 6lb. 11oz, 18-3/4 inches long. Mother and daughter are doing fine. She’s a sweet little girl—and a nice last-minute tax deduction for her freelancing dad.

Regular blogging will resume again soon. Happy new year to one and all!


18 thoughts on “Grace Catherine Hohnstadt

  1. Congrats, Cedric, and to the whole extended family! Welcome, Grace!

    That’s funny you mentioned the tax break. I’m told my Dad actually tried to plan and time that (!!!). He succeeded with 2 of 4, but two of my siblings were born in January.

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful. My wife and I are expecting our first soon and I was saying how cool a new year baby would be until she reminded me of the tax deduction which changed my entire line of thinking.

  3. Congratulations Cedric! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!

    Welcome to the world Grace Catherine. In case anyone hasn’t told you yet . . .you have a very talented dad!

    The best to your entire family.

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