More “3-2-1 Penguins!” Concept Art

I’ve been at the Motion 08 animation conference in New Mexico all week. More on that tomorrow. For now, a blog post I meant to publish earlier this week:

The past weekend NBC aired another brand new episode of “3-2-1 Penguins!” for which I designed some characters.

Here’s a few misc. characters –  a butterfly, firefly, and frog:

The script called for the frog to be placed in a large glass jar, and then to get his tongue stuck on the glass.

At one point in the episode the villain (an evil hamster, far right) turns all the other characters into hamsters. So I designed hamsters loosely based on the likeness of each character. That was a fun challenge.

For each hamster character I had to do turnarounds, mouth charts, and an expression charts to assist the animators. Here’s a sample expression chart for one of the hamster characters:

Info about the Motion animation conference tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “More “3-2-1 Penguins!” Concept Art

  1. Cool stuff, Cedric! Man, NBC spent some money on that show if they’re having you do this many new characters for each episode. Resculpting all the main characters, with blendshapes (expressions)…wow.

    Cool designs as always, man.

  2. I‘ve said I‘m your fan. I‘m learning a lot with this examples. This model sheets are very simple and convey the essence of the character.
    I like very much your work.

    Unfortunately, here in Brazil, this cartoon isn‘t showed on TV [yet, I hope someday].

    Congratulations, man!

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