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The first annual Creative Freelancer Conference is now history. The speakers were terrific, the seminars were loaded with great info, and it was refreshing to spend three days surrounded by other people who understand the excitement and struggles of freelancing. I came home with my head swimming with ideas on how to take my freelance career to the next level.

I’ve been freelancing for eleven years, and frankly I came to the conference with some nagging doubts about the future of my career and wondering if I had “topped out”. I came away excited that there is still a long way for me to climb. There are things I’ve been doing wrong all these years, and other areas where I can improve that will help me land dream clients and grow my income.

We were told that notes and slides from some of the seminars will soon be available online. Each seminar was also recorded, which I hope means that there will soon be audio downloads available for sale. I’ll be sure to post links to any conference content once it becomes available.

In the mean time, there are thirty terrific articles on the Creative Freelancer Conference website that will give you a taste of what the conference had to offer. They are very helpful and completely free to read. If you are serious about freelancing and want to get better clients and make more money, these articles offer some terrific advice.

3 thoughts on “Free Articles from

  1. hey cedric, thanks for posting before and after the CFC. It was great to meet you in person and we really appreciate all of your participation in the event. Hope to see you next year and maybe even sooner.

    Ilise Benun

  2. Hey! coming into your blog after eons! woahhhh! loved it mate!
    i love the new look of it too!

    how have you been? great new stuff in here….
    hitting back to see some more bro!


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