You Write The Caption

On Saturday a local comic book shop was promoting an event and hired actors to walk around dressed as super heroes. It was as close as I could come to attending Comic-Con this year.

During a break my friend Mike snapped this photo in the parking lot:

Here’s your assignment: Write a funny caption and post it in the “Comments” section (please be clean and tasteful). Unfortunately I don’t have a cool prize to offer, this is just for fun.


24 thoughts on “You Write The Caption

  1. After 20 minuets of talking-
    Joker: “…We must embrace what is still virginal about our own enthusiasm, we must crack open the tightly clenched fist and give back a little for the common good, we must simply be the best versions of ourselves… that goodness will be unbeatable and the money will appear…

    Batman: (Thought bubble) “ugh.What…is…he TALKING about.”

    Joker: “…The key to this job is personal relationships Batman…”

    Batman: (Thought bubble) “Whew and this mask is beginning to smell ripe. Or is that Joker…”

  2. Argh… I hate typo’s… it’s supposed to read thusly:

    Joker: Is it just me, or do you get the feeling people are laughing at us and not with us?

    Bleh. ‘Tis what I get for trying to caption-write before my coffee has settled in…

  3. “So I says to the guy ‘I’m serious, I’m not joking’ and the guy says ‘riiiiight’ and then starts to laugh again. I mean what gives, right?”

  4. Joker: I think its all a misunderstanding…I meant your’e legs really look good in tights…I wasn’t trying to insult your manhood! Really!

  5. Batman:*in deep grunty incomprehensible voice*
    Why do You wana kill me?

    Joker:W-what? What did you say?


    Joker:*in a tone of annoyance* I DON’T understand you!
    do you have throat cancer?!

    —-if you all know what im talking about *ahem* spoof
    then great!!!! if not..inside joke =\

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