We Are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Some days it seems like everything goes wrong at once. A couple of weeks ago my computer started acting funny, and after several hours on the phone with five different tech support people, I was told I have to completely wipe my hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch. While I wasn’t thrilled, my Mac is getting old (going on five years) and gets used heavily so I guess it was due for a meltdown.

Before reinstalling, though, I had to back everything up. Apple’s Time Machine backup software has been acting goofy (part of my overall computer going haywire, I think) so I spent all day yesterday trying to get a decent backup. In the mean time, my internet connection also decided to quit on me. Turns out my eight-year-old Airport is dying (I guess Mac products like to all go at once). Have to buy a new one today.

At least I can still access the Internet (and write this post) on my iPhone.

Oops. Maybe not.

For several hours last night AT&T’s Edge network was down in my area. So for a few hours last evening I was in a technological Bermuda Triangle with no computer, no internet, no network, and no phone. Makes me realize how utterly dependant I am on technology, and how frustrated and helpless I feel without it. I rocked myself to sleep curled up in the corner and sucking my thumb.

All that to say, it may be a few days before my life stabilizes enough for me to have time to write a decent blog post. I’ve got a few drafts going but need to get my computer fixed and then catch up on client work first. My apologies to all you faithful blog readers.


2 thoughts on “We Are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  1. Generally speaking, 5-8 years out of any electronics is really great. Especially ‘always on’ things like wireless routers. It’s kinda hard to believe but even solid state components simply wear out. It’s a good idea to have a 3-5 year plan to rotate out old hardware so that you don’t reach the dreaded complete crash. It almost makes sense for digital professionals to look at leasing workstations for a couple years then rotate in a new one. I believe there are tax benefits as well.

    Good luck with the fxes. I feel your pain.

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