Pixar Announces Upcoming Films

In a recent New York Times article Pixar announced its upcoming slate of animated films. (You have to register to read the article). The list includes:

Wal-E (official site) — A film from writer/director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) that tells the story of a robot stranded on earth all-alone in distant future. Large chunks of the film will have no dialogue, just pantomime and sound effects. If anyone can pull that off and still engage the audience, it’s the masterful animators at Pixar. After all, as the author points out, the Road Runner and Cyote never talked either. Wall-E hits theaters on June 27.

Up — Described as “a comedy about a cranky, cane-wielding 78-year-old who transports his home to exotic locales by attaching hundreds of helium-filled balloons”

The Bear and the Bow — Pixar’s first fairy tale,

Cars 2 — Pixar’s second attempt at a sequel. Their first, Toy Story 2, was actually better than the original. Let’s hope the same for Cars 2.

Pixar has one of the best (if not THE best) track records in Hollywood: Every single one of their films has been a box office smash. They have yet to produce a flop. I can’t think of any other studio in Hollywood can make that claim. Including Disney. So I’m very excited to get hints at what they’ve got coming down the pipe.


4 thoughts on “Pixar Announces Upcoming Films

  1. Kirk,
    Ratatouille made millions, and was, by any stretch of the imagination, no flop. Cedric was only referring to Pixar’s amazing success rate; he didn’t say all their films were great. Personally, though, I don’t think any one of Lassiter & Company’s offerings were as disappointing as Disney’s Valiant or The Wild, do you?

  2. I think Ratatouille made alot of money based on Pixar’s reputation.

    I certainly would not rate it with the likes of Finding Nemo and Cars.

    I actually did not see it, but my wife and 8 year old son did and they were very disappointed with it that none of the rest of the family bothered to go see it or even rent it for that matter.

    I have seen Valiant and the Wild and yes, they are bad. I think if I asked my wife, she would say that Ratatouille is just a small notch above these two shows.

    Disney was a sinking ship till they brought Lassiter on board. Lets hope they let him do his work and not meddle too much.

  3. I saw some stills from ‘Up’ the artwork looked really nice, as always. But the dodgy thing you mentioned was the further use of fairytales as upcoming popcorn fodder. I think the reason their films are popular is because of a respect they bestow on the kids, and the adult audiences, they attract who for the first time in animation history are leaving cinemas without the feeling of having been patronised. Although maybe Pixar will be the team to pull it off, here’s hoping.

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