Illustration Friday: Baby

This week’s topic over at Illustration Friday is “Baby”. This is an old doodle from my files, I just added a quick splash of color. It’s part of a concept piece I did for a client project last year that never got off the ground. At the time our sweet, adorable daughter Anna was only four months old so I was drawing from personal experience.

Speaking of babies, I should also mention that a few weeks ago my wife and I learned we are expecting baby #2 in January. We learned Jennie was pregnant with Anna on Easter Sunday, with the due date falling on Christmas Eve.  This time we learned we were pregnant on Mother’s Day. Insert your own Hallmark joke here.

Illustration Friday is free and anyone can take part. Check out their website for more info or to see what other artists are doing with each week’s topic.


11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Baby

  1. Great baby; this is the way they should be done! I would go check out my site as a possible warning, from the sounds of things there. Hope everyone is well! Super drawing.

  2. awww the sweet meltdown melody…my spine is twitching at the very sight of this. perfect, cedric.

    inserting hallmark joke – um, spring seems to work for you? (lame, i know.) mazeltov! “)

  3. Adorable illustration…that (screaming, crying, throwing fit tantrum) is one thing I don’t miss now that my kiddoes are 14 and 7! 🙂 Well, sometimes I have to deal with it, but not as much!

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