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This is shaping up to be one of my busiest weeks as a freelancer in quite a while. This blog is a big priority for me, but clients always come first. In lieu of writing a fresh post today, I’m forced to do some recycling.

Here’s a few interesting links I originally posted way back in 2005/2006, which you may or may not have seen. Hopefully I can write up a fresh blog post tomorrow:

Animation Podcast – A terrific collection of interviews with some of the industry’s top animators, past and present. New episodes are few and far between, but they are always worth waiting for.

How To Be A Cartoonist – A helpful article by Chris Browne, the artist behind “Hagar the Horrible”.

Evolution: The Case Of The Exploding Bugs – Piggy-backing on last week’s post about Expelled!, Ben Stien’s excellent new documentary about the battle between evolution and intelligent design, here’s a short but fascinating video clip from a series called “Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution”.

Fi-Fi’s Mind Reading Tricks – See if you can figure out how it’s done!

Photoshop Contest – Participants were asked to “update” iconic or classic photos using Photoshop. Fun stuff!

Interactive Facial Anatomy for ArtistsArtnatomy is a fascinating website that uses Flash to help artists understand how the muscles of the face communicate emotion.


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