Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

Illustration Friday is a fun website for artists. Every Friday a new topic or keyword is posted, and artists are encouraged to sketch or illustrate anything they want to based on that topic. Some artists (such as Guy Francis) will really get creative and treat it like a professional assignment, putting a clever or goofy twist on the theme. There aren’t really any rules, so you can take any twist on the theme that you’d like.

I wish I had time to take part regularly, but I don’t. This week’s theme is “Wrinkles”, and I couldn’t pass it up. I love drawing old guys; their faces are so full of character. So I’ve cobbled together some misc. sketches of elderly men from my various sketchbooks. Some have appeared on this blog before, but at least one (upper left) is new.

Hopefully in the near future things will slow down enough for me to really sink my teeth into an Illustration Friday project. It would be loads of fun.


6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

  1. You make old guys look like a good bet; they look appealing to me anyway! Fabulous drawing; feel an inferiority crisis coming on (but fretting would only add to already established wrinkles so will go have a G&T instead – TGIF)

  2. Fabulous caricatures Cedric! The old guy with the drippy nose is a howl! I recognise the actor in thr top right but cant remember his name? He was the old paroled inmate who hanged himself in The Shawshank Redemption, right?

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