Happy Easter!

Today is Good Friday, the day when Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. “Good Friday” seems like an odd name one of the most bloody and tortuous executions in human history. How could such a horrific event be “good”?

Because Jesus suffered and died for your sins. He paid for your crimes, then rose from the dead. He can forgive you, cleanse you, and give you eternal life. And that’s good news!


A couple of years ago I illustrated a cartoon gospel tract to help explain it. So far about two million copies have been printed and its been translated into eight different languages. The tract is copyright-free (I make no royalties) so you can read it for free online. (If you know a ministry that would like to print and distribute the tract, or would like to help with a translation, click here.)

Good Friday is about death, but Easter is about resurrection. If Jesus died and stayed dead, then Christianity is a joke and we might as well close the church doors. But if he did rise from the dead, then his claim to be the Son of God is really true. For you skeptics out there, you may be surprised to know that unlike ghost stories and fairy tales, there is strong, intelligent evidence that the resurrection really did happen. I challenge you not to dismiss Jesus and his claims until you have checked out all the facts.

Thanks for indulging this “preachy” post. Now go eat some jelly beans and have a happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. It’s so nice to heard that you as an busy illustrator
    still spent a time to make artworks about evangelism.
    I wish you success to keep up produce many-more of “Good News” artworks in future.

    I’m agree with “only a corrupt judge that would slide our crimes”(in page 7).
    Many people think that if they’ve asked God to forgive their sin, then their sins are ‘skipped’ easily as God is full of love and forgiveness.

    Many people have been forgot about atonement mechanism that explain:
    God is fair Judge who would not skip our sins and slide the crime has listed.
    In obviously that we have claimed by death penalty for our sins.

    Therefore Jesus replaced our death penalty position
    Because no one could be death and arise again except God himself.

    Happy Easter for all

    By the way, I could translate your tract into Indonesian language too.

  2. Thanks, Cedric! As a pastor and artist, I appreciate your comments and that your artwork has been used in the way it has. Tonight, our church will meet for “Good Friday” at our home and celebrate with food and fellowship. Our topic of discussion: “How a Bad Friday Became a Good Friday.” Of course, bad and good are both understatements when we consider what we’re talking about. It’s amazing and ironic that we are celebrating; and your blog explains why very well. Keep up the great work and artwork!

  3. Hey Cedric, Im not sure how I first came accros you blog, but I just stopped back to see whats up.
    I really enjoy your stuff, and strangely enough I have seen that tract a LOT! thats really cool, keep up the great work!

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