Are You Cut Out For Freelancing?

While cleaning out my files I came across a good book on freelancing that I forgot I even owned (out of sight, out of mind). The Streetwise Guide to Freelancing by Theo Stephan Williams has a lot of good nuggets, much of it organized into nice little sidebars. Unfortunately the book is out of print, but you can get used copies dirt cheap (as in less than a dollar) through my Recommended Resources page. Just click on the “Business/Freelancing” section and go to page 2.

Here’s a sample sidebar from the book:

Are You Cut Out For Freelancing? Twelve questions to confirm your freelance aptitude…

1. Do you like making decisions on your own?

2. Do you like to set your own work schedule?

3. Can you stay focused on your work and meet deadlines?

4. Do you enjoy gathering input from other, then taking the information and developing creative concepts on your own?

5. Do you enjoy researching areas of knowledge you are unfamiliar with?

6. Do you like to sell?

7. Do you like to meet new people—often?

8. Do you enjoy updating your portfolio—and presenting it?

9. Do you find it easy to communicate effectively?

10. Are you comfortable discussing money?

11. Do you enjoy clerical work?

12. Do you like to take lump-sum checks to the bank?

I would make a couple of tweaks to this list (for example, I don’t enjoy #6 or #11, and #7 doesn’t ring true for me), but overall this is a pretty good list for those who are considering a freelance career.

How about you? If you freelance, is there anything you would add to the list?

You can order The Streetwise Guide to Freelancing here.


2 thoughts on “Are You Cut Out For Freelancing?

  1. I think its important to add one other thing – could you enjoy the downtime? apparently this is one of the big perks with freelancing, but when I was waiting for work (there was simply little else to do but wit allbeit for a day or two) I just couldnt relax Id sit at my email hitting refresh rather than going out, watching a film, or doing some artwork for me. I struggled with this.

  2. I struggle with that too. I just went through a short slow period and it was agony. It was nice to relax and catch my breath, but I also spent a lot of the down time on self-promotion and catching up on administrative tasks. It’s important not to relax too much when work gets slow, and to try not to get too discouraged (easier said than done). Best to make the most of your down time to keep pushing your business forward.

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