Interview With Illustration Instructor Marshall Vandruff


Fanboy Radio is a weekly radio show/podcast devoted to comic books. I don’t really read comic books anymore, but the industry has some amazing artists whose work I enjoy following. Fanboy Radio interviews a lot of them, and it can be inspirational to hear the various creators talk about the industry and their work.

A few months ago Fanboy Radio did something a little different: they interviewed an art instructor. Marshall Vandruff is a gifted educator, and his classes on illustration, comics, and storyboarding are quite popular. Several of his students have gone on to make a big splash in the industry.

I listened to this interview on my iPod during a recent drive to Kansas City. I didn’t think an interview with an art teacher could be all that fascinating, but I was wrong. There is something about the way Marshall Vandruff talks that really inspires you and makes you want to strive to be a better artist. (He had some thoughts about skill versus talent that I thought were especially insightful). I can see why his classes are so popular. If I didn’t live halfway across the country I would definitely sign up for one.

You can listen to the interview on the Fanboy Radio website, or through this iTunes link (look for episode #395).

For more information about Marshall Vandruff, visit


One thought on “Interview With Illustration Instructor Marshall Vandruff

  1. I was lucky enough to attend Cal State Fullerton, where Marshall primarily teaches, and taking courses with him was a huge blessing. Plus, he’s not only and inspirational teacher, but a great guy as well. Thanks for posting this!

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