Coming Soon: Ben Stein Documentary

I generally try to keep this blog about art-related topics, but every once in a while something completely unrelated grabs my attention. Please indulge me.


Do you ever look up at the stars and wonder, “How did we humans ever get here in the first place? Were we created by God, or did we evolve on our own from a puddle of goo zillions of years ago?”

It’s an important question, worthy of discussion and debate. However, the scientific and educational establishments don’t always see it that way. In many intellectual circles Darwin’s theory of evolution is the only legitimate explanation for the origins of life, period.

stein.jpgActor, businessman, and columnist Ben Stein (pictured), best known for his comedic role in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, has produced a very serious documentary about the debate between Intellgent Design and Evolution. In Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Stein claims that scientists and educators put their careers at risk if they publicly subscribe to the idea that the universe may have been designed by an intellgent Creator. For many scientists and scholars, to dare to question Darwin’s theories can be nothing short of career suicide. I think Stein is on to something.

Here’s the trailer:

(EDIT: Lest you think Stein is just one of those “crazy” conservative right-wingers, it’s doubtful. He gave $2,000 to the Senate campaign of the ultra-liberal Al Frankin.)

This looks extremely interesting to me. As I’ve written before (here and here), I am one of those crazy Christian kooks who believes there are gaping holes in the theory of evolution, and that Creationism and science are not mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, it’s not only risky for some to question Darwinism publicly but it’s even illegal to teach anything but evolution in some public schools. (If you think I am overstating the case, read this news story).

Stein’s message is one that I think needs to be heard. Of course Michael Moore, Al Gore, and James Cameron have all proven that documentaries don’t always present the pure and unvarnished truth. I hope Stein will do better, but I will be watching Expelled with a critical eye just in case. At the very least, Expelled should create lots of discussion and inject some new energy into a very important debate.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (official site) will hit theaters in February.


7 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Ben Stein Documentary

  1. You are an idiot. lol. Seriously. I find it funny how creationists take no issue with most tenets of modern life.
    If a doctor tells you to take medicine to make you feel better, you do it because he is the expert. If your accountant tells you to budget your money in a certain way, you do it because he is the expert. But when the people who actually study life tell you life arised in this particular way, you ignore it. Scientists are not delusional.
    I read your list of ‘gaping holes’ in the theory of evoultion and its quite retarded. I think if I read them aloud in science classroom people would laugh because none of it makes any sense. It’s a bunch of distorted facts that only serve to show us that you really dont know anything about evolution. Here’s a wild guess….but you’ve never taken an advanced biology course. Evolution is not a random, directionless process. In fact, in many ways it is the opposite of chance.
    Its so frustrating as a scientist when people totally ignore all the hardwork and creativity of thousands of scientists that have ‘toiled in obscurity’ to reveal an amazing, elegant theory of life that is mutually supported by data from genetics, paleontology, geology, biology, zoology, etc. It’s a real shame.

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. I’m curious, if Darwinian evolution is such an obvious fact, please tell me: what is your favorite piece of indisputable, rock-hard evidence that proves evolution is true?

  3. Paul,
    I think most Intelligent design folks can agree that proof of micro-evolution (evolutionary change within a species)exists, this is real observable science. However, I don’t know of one piece of evidence that would ever support macro-evolution, ( changing from one kind to a completely different kind) there doesn’t seem to be even one example of macro-evolution in the fossil records of thousands of different species. One would think out of thousands of fossils there would be at least one missing link to support the macro-evolution theory. There are thousands of species…..Paul, can you show me scientific proof of just one missing link.


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