Series: The Business of Freelancing

As much as I enjoy making my living drawing pictures, it’s important for me to remember that freelancing is still a business. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m a business person first and an artist second. If I don’t, I know I’ll be headed for a train wreck.

Artists are creative and free-wheeling by nature. The discipline and planning required to maintain a business can seem boring, confusing, and/or intimidating. Fortunately, the magical and powerful Internet is there to help!

One of the sites I visit regularly is It’s a blog that specializes in tips, tricks, and advice for freelancers. The articles are well-written and often extremely helpful. All this week they are doing a series called “The Business of Freelancing”, with a new article posted every day. The author is Shane Pearlman, who seems to have a pretty good blog of his own.

Yesterday they posted Part 1, “The Business of Freelancing–Saving For Taxes”. For the rest of the series, visit every day this week.

Also, I have a category of posts on this blog called (coincidentally) “The Business of Freelancing”. Click the link over to the right to view all of my previous posts under that heading.


2 thoughts on “Series: The Business of Freelancing

  1. Cedric – I would give you a big gold star in the area of professionalism. Of all the artists I have been in contact with now or in the past, you by in far had the most comprehensive contract of them all.

    And to top it off, you had it ready at the very start of giving a quote on a project.

    Wish we freelance out more often. Keep up the great work. – Kirk

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