Dennis Jones Has a New Blog


One of my all-time favorite living illustrators is Dennis Jones. His work is phenomenal. His characters are cartoony and fun, his drawing skills are solid, and he is a skilled painter who knows what he is doing with color. He balances fine-art painting techniques with appealing cartoon doodles for a stunning effect.

Jones already has a website/blog (which he shares with brothers Don and Doug, also illustrators), but recently he decided to create a page and post some of his current work. He writes:

I enjoy looking at artist’s work over on Blogger. I think it’s because I can dial into the front page of someone’s site and see several pieces of artwork on it without having to navigate through a ton of pages searching for it. With that in mind, I snagged a bunch of illustrations that I have previously posted here at Brother Jones and slapped them together on a Blogger page. Same old artwork, now in one convenient place.

I’m not sure whether Jones will keep updating the blogger page or whether this is just an experiment. Either way, check it out!


2 thoughts on “Dennis Jones Has a New Blog

  1. My husband and I purchased the See with Me Bible for my daughter right when she turned one. We had been looking for a children’s Bible that had really great art that would be interesting to her and us. She is now almost two, and her Bible is her favorite book. She often brings it to us and wants to read. It’s great accountability for us to be teaching her these stories and truths.
    Thank you so much for this book. We have enjoyed it and are excited that our daughter is learning so early to love the Bible.

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