Disney Toys


A few months ago I was hired by Peter Green Design to develop some toy ideas to pitch to Disney. I was given a list of possible toys based on three Disney properties (Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and My Friends Tigger & Pooh) and asked to do a rough concept sketch for each. A few were chosen to be considered as official Disney toys, and I was asked to do cleaned-up color versions of those roughs.

From there they went on to Disney. I’m told there’s a chance a few of them may actually make it into the production pipeline. With any luck, we may see something in stores by Christmas.

Either way, it was great fun to finally work with some Disney properties. Designing toys, I found out, is almost as fun as playing with them.


3 thoughts on “Disney Toys

  1. Nice Cedric!! Great designs and concepts! Fantastic renderings too! I had the chance to do some toy designs and it was so much fun! Nothing for a client like Disney though… 🙂 Wonderful stuff.

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