Big Shark’s Valentine Surprise

My first children’s book for Scholastic was finally published this month. “Big Shark’s Valentine Surprise” is the fifth children’s book I’ve illustrated, but my first time with Scholastic. My comp copies finally arrived last week. It’s too late to order copies for Valentine’s Day, and actually I’m told the book is only available through Scholastic’s book club and not in stores (at least not yet). But if you want to get one there are a couple of used copies for sale on (regular and audio-book versions).

(EDIT: I’ve also posted a scan of an interior spread from the book. You’ll notice that the shark on the cover is not quite the same as the shark inside the book, for example his hat is missing and his mouth is bigger. These were changes that Scholastic insisted I make to the cover, although I never did get a good explanation. Oh well. Overall I’m still pretty happy with how the book turned out.)

I’m currently working on two more children’s books, a follow-up book for Scholastic and a graphic novel for Stone Arch Books. More info on those projects soon.


3 thoughts on “Big Shark’s Valentine Surprise

  1. Cedric, congratulations on this book! The artwork is beautiful. Would you ever consider sharing the various stages of creating a page of this book? Like the page with the parrot fish…showing us where you started, the initial sketches, revisions, inking, coloring, etc.? I know it’s asking a lot but your work looks so smooth and finished and yet I know a lot goes into it to get it looking like that.
    Just consider me a fan, asking a question. Again, great job and congrats!

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