DrawerGeeks: Grrrrrrr!

The upcoming assignment for DrawerGeeks is “Grrrrrr!”. Our instructions are to create “the most bizarrely hilarious ‘grrrr’ face you can come up with!” It’s not due for a couple of weeks yet, but this was a sketch I did this morning while playing around with my new Cintiq. I’ve always admired caricature artists who can distort the human face into crazy rubbery shapes. So in this sketch I thought it would be a good exercise to try and push an expression a lot farther than I normally would. It’s not supposed to be a caricature of anyone in particular, just a generic face I made up in my head.


7 thoughts on “DrawerGeeks: Grrrrrrr!

  1. Cool one Cedric! How’s that Cintiq holding up? I’ve heard a lot about it. Does the monitor get hot and do you find yourself getting blisters? I bet it save a ton of time. 🙂

  2. Thanks guys. Shawn, the Cintiq rocks! It does get a little warm if I run it for several hours on end, but not enough to be uncomfortable. My laptop gets a lot warmer than my Cintiq.

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