Dream On Silly Dreamer


I just finished watching a DVD documentary called “Dream On Silly Dreamer”. It’s a fascinating collection of interviews with former Disney artists chronicling the rise and fall of 2-D animation from the 1980’s to the present. I’ve always had a fantasy of moving to LA and working for a big animation studio, so I was riveted by the testimonials and anecdotes of some of the people who actually lived that dream. Filmed during the massive Disney layoffs of 2002, “Dream On Silly Dreamer” gives a compelling inside look into the recent history of Disney animation, from the “warehouse” animation of the 80’s through the enormous success of the 90’s and culminating with the massive Disney layoffs of 2003. The interviews are moving and insightful. These artists clearly love the artform, and their real-life story is a compelling one.

If you are an artist or just have a love for animation, you will find this documentary fascinating, even poignant. Order a copy at www.dreamonsillydreamer.com or click HERE to watch the trailer.


6 thoughts on “Dream On Silly Dreamer

  1. This film was screened here in Mpls a year ago. The 2 creators where here as well and we got to meet them after the show.
    It’s a sad movie to watch as I too always had the fantasy of working at Disney. Mmm, no thanks.

  2. Thanks for the link Cedric. Ive been meaning to see this movie so good on you with the reminder!

    Just wanted to wish you the best in the upcoming year and thank you for the inspiration over the past year that you have given. Good to know people like you are out there

    Happy New Year!

  3. I got to see “Dream On” at the SD ComicCon and thought it was an amazing look at the industry and Disney. The saddest story (though I can’t remember if this was in the film, or mentioned in the panel discussion) was the animators being sold their own desks to clear out the building. A real shame.

  4. Yeah, in one of the special features the animators were given the “opportunity” to buy their desks for something like $1,100 each (and some other furniture, like scene sorters, for only $50). I guess it was cheaper than buying brand new desks somewhere, but I think giving everyone their desks might have been a nice part of the severence package.

  5. hey Cedric…thanx for stopping by in regards to my book.
    Actually, I will be taking preorders possibly the last week of January, that will include a special limited offer. Just wait and see. I will post an announcement on my blog in a coupld of weeks.

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