Anna Louise Hohnstadt

That’s right, our boy turned out to be a girl…to our great surprise (and delight). Anna was born at 5:55pm on Thursday, Dec. 14 2006. She is 19.5″ long and weighed 6lbs. 4oz.

Above is a photo of the happy family. For a slideshow of more photos, CLICK HERE.

We will be staying at the St. Francis hospital in Shakopee, MN until sometime on Saturday. Then Cedric will drive the family home, provided he can get himself unwound from around Anna’s little finger.


9 thoughts on “Anna Louise Hohnstadt

  1. What a huge blessing Cedric! I have 4 girls, you will love having a girl! (They do wrap you around their fingers…) God bless your new family!

  2. After my first child was born (on December 11) someone asked me what I had… boy or girl. I said girl. Then in a very kind, soft voice he replied…. “Oh, girls are special!”

    And they are! I hope yours brings you as much joy as mine has! She graduated from college last week with a 4.0.

    Have a great 2007!

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