Dream On Silly Dreamer


I just finished watching a DVD documentary called “Dream On Silly Dreamer”. It’s a fascinating collection of interviews with former Disney artists chronicling the rise and fall of 2-D animation from the 1980’s to the present. I’ve always had a fantasy of moving to LA and working for a big animation studio, so I was riveted by the testimonials and anecdotes of some of the people who actually lived that dream. Filmed during the massive Disney layoffs of 2002, “Dream On Silly Dreamer” gives a compelling inside look into the recent history of Disney animation, from the “warehouse” animation of the 80’s through the enormous success of the 90’s and culminating with the massive Disney layoffs of 2003. The interviews are moving and insightful. These artists clearly love the artform, and their real-life story is a compelling one.

If you are an artist or just have a love for animation, you will find this documentary fascinating, even poignant. Order a copy at www.dreamonsillydreamer.com or click HERE to watch the trailer.


Christmas: From the Archives

This illustration is from one of my very first freelance projects after graduating from college (1997). Even though my artwork is much more cartoony nowadays, I though this would be an appropriate image to wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

If you look past the Santas and the shopping and the stress, the story of Christmas is really amazing to think about: The God of the universe humbled Himself to become a little baby! He was a King, yet instead of a palace He chose to be born in a cattle stall. His birth was announced not to dignitaries and heads of state but to working-class shepherds. From the very beginning He set an example of complete humility. (This is even more remarkable to me now that my wife and I have our own baby to feed, change, and care for. She is totally helpless in almost every way.)

It’s also remarkable that His birth actually fulfilled many Bible prophecies, including specifics about his ancestry, his place of birth, and the events surrounding it. It was foretold that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem to a virgin who was a direct descendant of King David, and that there would be a celesstial event to mark His birth (the star) and also a great tragedy involving dead children (Herod’s “slaughter of the innocents”). And it all came to pass!

And what’s with the virgin birth anyway? Well, Christian teaching is that had Jesus been born in the normal way He would have inheritted the sinful nature that has been passed down to every human being since Adam and Eve. But because He was conceived supernaturally, Jesus remained sinless and could therefore be a worthy sacrifice for our sins. I can’t pay the penalty for your sins because I’ve got my own sins. But because Jesus was perfect, He could take our punishment upon His shoulders at the cross. All who repent and come to Him in faith can receive complete forgiveness and eternal life! “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (1 Timothy 1:15).

Sorry if I’m starting to sound “preachy”, but that’s why Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Warm Christmas wishes to one and all!

Christmas Promo

This year I decided to do a Christmas self-promotion campaign. My plan was to buy jumbo chocolate bars, replace the labels with new labels illustrated by me (see above), throw in a card (also designed by me) and ship them to my various clients and friends. But then our beautiful baby girl was born early. We love her immensely, but now wiith the late-night diaper changes, doctor visits, Christmas shopping, and deadlines, I’ve barely had time to slap the promo together. I did get a few out in the mail but unfortunately not as many as I wanted to send. Here’s what they looked like:

A few of the packages went to warm states like Arizona, Texas, etc. so I hope the chocolate doesn’t melt in transit. Next year I hope to send something to everyone, especially the people I missed this year.

Anyway, warm Chirstmas wishes to one and all!

Anna Louise Hohnstadt

That’s right, our boy turned out to be a girl…to our great surprise (and delight). Anna was born at 5:55pm on Thursday, Dec. 14 2006. She is 19.5″ long and weighed 6lbs. 4oz.

Above is a photo of the happy family. For a slideshow of more photos, CLICK HERE.

We will be staying at the St. Francis hospital in Shakopee, MN until sometime on Saturday. Then Cedric will drive the family home, provided he can get himself unwound from around Anna’s little finger.