Making a List, Checking it Twice

Custom Tract Source recently commissioned this illustration of Santa for a “Christmas Cash” gospel tract. The tract will resemble colorful toy money, with an upper-body “portrait” of Santa on the front, and on the back Santa will be holding his “naughty and nice” list. There will be some accompanying text with the Christian message that we are all “naughty” sinners at times, and therefore we need a Savior.

It was a fun project to work out. I mean, how could you not have fun drawing Santa?


8 thoughts on “Making a List, Checking it Twice

  1. Hey Cedric! Cool idea! I like this drawing! One critique if I may, it looks like Santa is hiding the list. Like he doesn’t want you to see it. Just a thought 🙂

    take care,,, great work as always!!!

  2. Great stuff, Cedric. I’m really beginning to appreciate this approach to faith sharing. If God grades on a curve, Jesus blew it for all of us. And Thank God He did, eh? 🙂


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