How Rich Are You?

Wow. This really puts it in perspective.

(Thanks to Mirosław Urbaniak for the link.)


2 thoughts on “How Rich Are You?

  1. It’s fun but bogus! A clever way to make common “western world” people feel rich and wealthy. Wealth can not be measured by the amount (in numbers) of money you have, when you’re thinking globally. Let’s take one dollar for example, that’ll by you a can of pop in the states, but take it to India and you can probably get at least a few sixpacks. That makes a person with a $35,000 annual income in India significally more wealthy, than a person in America with the same income.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping out as much we can and if this will make people pay up, then that’s great:)

    Thanks for sharing;)


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