The Slumping Illustration Market

Why does the modern illustration market seem to be in a slump? Adrian Shaughnessy offers some thoughts on His article, Graphic Design vs. Illustration is very thought provoking (despite his overuse of big fifty-dollar words). There are also some really good comments posted by readers who echo the problem but draw different conclusions.

From the article:

“The professional world of illustration is widely believed to be in poor shape. As Steven Heller noted recently: “I am an advocate of illustration and saddened by its loss of stature among editors who feel photography is somehow more effective (and controllable).” There are, of course, many reasons for illustration’s fading stature…” Read more.


One thought on “The Slumping Illustration Market

  1. I think this article has it completely wrong. Graphic design is not a better communicator than illustration. The problem is that Graphic designers with college degrees but no drawing abilities have done a great job of packaging themselves as better communicators and convincing publishers and advertisers that it equals more money for them. Graphic Designers have a vested interest in down-selling the power of illustration. Their jobs are on the line. One reason for this is the lack of decent art instruction in universities. Most Universities are “teaching” how to express yourself rather than the nuts and bolts of drawing and making pictures. I think why illustrators have let this occur is that they are more interested in creating art and getting better than the business of selling their work. What illustration needs is better marketing. I do agree that Illustrators have neglected their Graphic design skills but I think most could pick it back up with less than two weeks instruction.
    Some one needs to do a scientific study of Illustration/Graphic design vs. Graphic design alone. I have no doubt that illustration would win. .

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