FallCon and NCS Pics

Last weekend was the annual meeting of the North Central Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society. The meeting was set to coincide with FallCon here in Minneapolis. Two weekend cartoon events for the price of one. It was a blast! I had a great time catching up with some old art buddies and making a few new ones.

This weekend was also our first wedding anniversary. And my wife’s birthday was the day before. Fortunately I have the most supportive wife an artist could ask for. I made it up to her with a Gondola ride Sunday night and plans for a weekend getaway at a friend’s cabin later this month.

Here’s a few pics from the weekend events. The NCS chapter meeting kicked off Friday night with an art show at MCAD.

MAD Magazine artist Tom Richmond calls for backup.

Guest lecturer Michael Jantze (The Norm) asks, “Where’d you get that sweet hunting jacket?”

Ken Alvine and Dave Phipps admire a lifelike statue of Mike Edholm.

Illustrator extraordinaire Bucky Jones talks shop with one of the artist’s wives.

Terry Beatty (left) is an instructor at MCAD and the inker on The Batman Strikes. And he has a killer goatee.

Saturday afternoon I took part in a panel discussion on cartooning with fellow NCS members Tom Richmond, Michael Jantze, and Jerry Van Amerongen.

Bill Brewer emceed the discussion: “How many cartoonists does it take to change a light bulb….?”

Tom dozes off as I ramble on.

Back on the show floor, Batman’s cape is stuck in his car door. “This looks like a job for Superman!”

My lovely wife Jennie helps me man my table at the Con.

Michael Jantze had the tidiest table at the convention.

Nicole Nelson, Bucky Jones, and Dave Phipps (right) man the NCS table. Dave has a weekend radio show devoted to cartooning.

Kelly McNutt and Mike Edholm. No bald jokes, please.

My Dad collects old comic books (especially westerns). So he and Mom stopped by the Con to say “hi” and pose for a few pics:

Incidentally, Dad is running for Le Sueur County Commissioner. If he wins, he gets to ride one of these in the parade:

(In the background, a policeman gives Batman a speeding ticket.)

The weekend was loads of fun. Big-time kudos to Tom Richmond and the gang for pulling it all together.


8 thoughts on “FallCon and NCS Pics

  1. Cedric, thanks for sharing all the great photos! I have to say, meeting you was one of the true pleasures of the weekend! What a great talent and a nice guy. My best to you and Jennie…and baby to be.

  2. Cedric, looked like a lot of fun. I really like those illustrations below as well. beautiful colours. all in photoshop?


  3. Hi Cedric!

    I’ll echo your sentiments about the great weekend. It was fun meeting you and your wife at the Con, as well as meeting some fellow cartoonists afterward at O’Gara’s. It’s great to connect with others who share this unusual, yet very rewarding career we’ve chosen for ourselves.

    I’m continually surprised by just how many fun and interesting people work in the field. Glad I’m starting to “look around” and find some of them.

  4. Hey Cedric – cool blog, baby. Just wanted to let you know that lady sitting with Bucky and Dave Phipps is my lovely wife Nicole Nelson who was kind enough to come along to FallCon with me… and she was also pleasantly surprised at how “normal” they all were. (They being the NCC members…) I was pleasantly surprised at how alert I look in that photo you took of Edholm and me… I was on one of the biggest NyQuil trips of my lifetime in an attempt to knock a cold which left me nearly voiceless and deaf, but it seems I managed to carry on reasonably intelligible conversation somehow. The pictures helped me sort out my foggy memory. Thanks!

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