I’m currently working on some illustrations for a Sunday School publisher. One of the illustrations was supposed to be a waist-up shot of Noah, but after I did the sketch they changed their mind and wanted Moses instead. So I thought I’d post the sketch just for fun.

I was gonna make him all smiling and cuteness, but I started thinking that if you had been warned that God’s judgment was coming, and you had to endure the ridicule of your friends and neighbors as you buit a giant boat in your back yard, you would probably have a heavy heart, not a cheery one. But I’m not sure it comes across in this sketch because of the cartoony-ness of the lines. So it’s probably just as well that the illustration was changed.


4 thoughts on “Noah

  1. Hey Cedric, love the drawing of Noah! I don’t think the cartoon lines detract from the seriousness at all. The guy clearly has alot on his mind. I would classify the look as “playful dignity”, which is exactly the balance you want to strike with illustrating Biblical figures for kids materials.

  2. Cedric, I’m constantly amazed at how appealing your characters are. I have a 6 year old son and we read together alot. i would love to have a book of Bible stories illustrated by you. Can you release any titles that you’ve worked on? Thanks, Andrew

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