One More Project

There’s one more project I forgot to include. Doh! Here’s a couple of spreads from a childen’s book I’m working on for Scholastic:


8 thoughts on “One More Project

  1. Your backgrounds are so cool. I think you have a very strong talent that will continue to take you far. How cool it is to see new stuff on your blog. Keep it up

  2. Gosh man, these are really fun!!! I am a little jealous…I’m still thinking about that free-lance thing, I just really like having a steady job, it’s great to see you making such a great living doing what you love to do and are so darn good at!!! Way to go, thanks for posting!


  3. cedric, your colours are awesome. such a clean feel. do you do it all in photoshop? i’m doing a kids’ book right now too and i’m trying to decide how to clean it up. you’re an inspiration. Andrew

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