Attention Comic-Con Attendees…

If you attended Comic-Con this year, I’d like your help.

There were a ton of great seminars this year, but there was one that I couldn’t get in to. “Web Comics: Finding an Audience” had one of the longest lines I had ever seen, stretching down the hallway, around the corner, down another hallway, around another corner, and then down the hallway some more. Needless to say the room filled up before most of us could get in.

If you are reading this and you managed to get in to that seminar, would you please let me know? I’d love to get my hands on any notes from the discussion, or at least hear the gist of what was said. Pretty please? Thanks.

PS–To sweeten the deal, I’ve posted my notes for the seminar on Character Design here. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Attention Comic-Con Attendees…

  1. Hey buddy, I’m missing seeing some of you fantastic sketches! POST!!!!! Ha, no pressure or anything


  2. Thanks Jeremy. For the last few weeks I’ve been totally swamped with freelance work, burning the candle on both ends. Much of it I can’t post yet, and I haven’t had any free time to just sketch in quite a while. But I’m really hoping I can post some more are soon. In the mean time, I’ll have to satisfy myself with the great stuff on blogs like yours! 🙂

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