Create Your Own Slogan

Granted, generic foods are known for their unoriginal names. But when my wife and I saw this in the grocery store it was just too funny. I had to buy a box.

I can see the commercials now: “Crispy Hexagons: For the Geometry Major in All of Us. Free Protractor Inside!”

So how would you promote this product? Granted, not too many words rhyme with “hexagon” (Lexicon? Mexican? Pentagon?). But I’ve got some clever and creative readers. Let’s see what slogans you can come up with….


4 thoughts on “Create Your Own Slogan

  1. “Tired of soggy circles? Eat Crisy Hexagons!”

    “Your body’s basic building block! Uh… I mean basic building hexagon!”

  2. “is you’r teacher bugging you to learn shapes?”
    “well get you’r friends and see is you’r teacher knows what hit em'”

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