Peter de Seve Interview


Here’s a short but sweet interview with Peter de Seve about his sketchbook. I own a copy and it is incredible stuff. De Seve’s work is amazing. Besides being one of the world’s most sought-after illustrators, de Seve has also done character design work for movies such as A Bug’s Life, Prince of Egypt, and Ice Age. His website is well worth a visit.


3 thoughts on “Peter de Seve Interview

  1. I agree with you, Peter de Seve is a uniquely talented artist! I really like the stuff on your blog and especially the Sherlock Holmes sketch. Keep up the good work!


  2. Peter has a fantastic line style. His love for the old masters has fueled his art. I never grow tired of seeing his work.
    I have spoken with him on the phone on a couple of occasions when I was just starting out in my illustration career. He was very kind, helpful, and (most importantly) honest.
    Whether he realizes it or not he helped me tremendously and I avoided many pitfalls in my career thanks to his advice.

  3. One more thing.

    Peter is spot on about the doodles. My best work is not my deliberate attempt to create an illustration. The best work comes from my mindless doodles. Characters and situations that poor out of my mind and find themselves on the paper in front of me.
    I find myself going back to doodles I saved from 5-6 years ago and saying, “How did I digress from that? Man, that was so good and look at the crap I’m doing right now!”
    So I take the doodles and learn to be loose from them.

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