Sketchbook Update: Superman


"The Dentist Survival Kit" is now online

A couple of months back I completed a Flash-animated cartoon called The Dentist Survival Kit. It’s a spoof infomercial designed to promote Way of the Master Radio, a nationally syndicated show on Christian talk radio. The campaign has now officially kicked off and you can view the animation HERE. If you like it, feel free to forward it to your friends (there’s a “Send to a Friend” button at the end of the cartoon).

Sketchbook Update: Citizen Kane

(Click image to view full-size)

I recently rented Citizen Kane, which I guess makes me an official film buff. It’s considered by many to be the greatest American film of all time, so I had high expectations when my wife and I sat down to watch it. At first we weren’t too impressed, but by the end of the film I could see what all the fuss was about. But I won’t spoil it–you have to rent it for yourself.

Citizen Kane is also full of powerful visuals: excellent lighting, dynamic compositions, and some great faces. I just had to watch it again so I could do some sketching. I don’t often put much black in my artwork, but studying this movie reminded me again of the power of contrast.