When It Rains, It Pours

Since I make my living as an artist, you’d think I actually have time to draw. But this last week or so I’ve been overwhelmed by administrative tasks (including a new promotional campaign, shopping for insurance, setting up a new computer network, and of course taxes), and the rest of my time has been spent working on a long-overdue Flash animation for a client who is (thankfully) the most patient man in the world. I love doing Flash animation but I’d forgotten how tedious it can be, not to mention there is very little actual drawing involved. (*sniff!*) I miss drawing. Fortunately my wife is a teacher, and next week she has off for Spring Break. So I will be enlisting her as my “administrative assistant” to help me get caught up (woo hoo!)

Anyway, Serbin Communications (the folks that publish the Directory of Illustration) recently started a project called Play! that allow artists to promote their work to people in the toy and game industries. Cool! That seems like some thing right up my alley, so I plopped down the cash and signed up (you gotta spend money to make money right?) Hopefully it will pay off. I’ve purchased a spread in next year’s book, and I spent most of this evening uploading images to their website. Now there’s yet another place where art directors can view samples of my work . I’m excited to see what comes of it.

Now, (yawn) back to the drawing bo…..zzzzzzzzz.


5 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours

  1. I can realate. I have a big project at work that is eating up alot of my time. Makes me tired when I get home and some nights I have no energy to do anything.

    I got that book from “Play!” last week. Alot of good artists in there.

    Chin up and keep up the great work. Sometimes it seems we get these life interuptions to help ups come back to it with fresh eyes.

  2. Wow great link! Hopefully it will turn out to be a good way to network. I also know what you mean about the admin stuff. I’ve been working on a flash web site and it is taking forever 😦 But, the results are cool, I hope!

  3. I set up my own company to be able to do the work I really wanted to do. Instead I found myself having to do all this administrative stuff and then hired other artists to do the work for the studio. It’s great to run your own shop, but you have to give up being an artist that just sits down and creates every day. The good thing is that i feel like I’m in control of my own destiny. The not so good thing is that I have to worry about it on a daily basis. You have to make your own choice.
    I miss drawing too.(‘double-sniff”).

  4. I just recently heard about play. I think you will totally do great with them. Whens your spread come out? Best of luck to you ( not like you need it.. 😉

  5. just had a look around you blog. Nice stuff. “gotta spend money to make money” good luck with Play. I used to advertise in DI. Never made tons from DI, but the ads always paid for themselves plus some. Anyway, nice blog, I’ll be back.

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