Easter Eggs

I’ve been super-busy with a Flash animation project I hope I can post soon. In the mean time, with Easter approaching did you know there are Easter eggs in your DVD collection that you may not even be aware of? “Easter eggs” are hidden special features that filmmakers intentionally hide on a DVD for you to try and find. Not every DVD has them, but many do. Here’s a rather extensive collection of DVD Easter Eggs for you to try and find. Enjoy!


When It Rains, It Pours

Since I make my living as an artist, you’d think I actually have time to draw. But this last week or so I’ve been overwhelmed by administrative tasks (including a new promotional campaign, shopping for insurance, setting up a new computer network, and of course taxes), and the rest of my time has been spent working on a long-overdue Flash animation for a client who is (thankfully) the most patient man in the world. I love doing Flash animation but I’d forgotten how tedious it can be, not to mention there is very little actual drawing involved. (*sniff!*) I miss drawing. Fortunately my wife is a teacher, and next week she has off for Spring Break. So I will be enlisting her as my “administrative assistant” to help me get caught up (woo hoo!)

Anyway, Serbin Communications (the folks that publish the Directory of Illustration) recently started a project called Play! that allow artists to promote their work to people in the toy and game industries. Cool! That seems like some thing right up my alley, so I plopped down the cash and signed up (you gotta spend money to make money right?) Hopefully it will pay off. I’ve purchased a spread in next year’s book, and I spent most of this evening uploading images to their website. Now there’s yet another place where art directors can view samples of my work . I’m excited to see what comes of it.

Now, (yawn) back to the drawing bo…..zzzzzzzzz.

Creative Talent Network

I have been given the high privilege of being accepted as a member of the Creative Talent Network, a website founded by a group of animators and artists adjusting to the effects of large film studios downsizing in recent years. It’s a place where animators, illustrators, character designers and concept artists can showcase our work and get connected. You can view my gallery here, or browse the work of the other amazingly talented folks. I am truly humbled to be part of such an amazing group.

Nightline This Friday

This looks pretty cool. Recently I illustrated a cartoon gospel tract for Living Waters that sold out 80,000 copies in six weeks. Well, the guy that hired me and sells them is going to be interviewed on Nightline this Friday (March 17) on NBC, along with his ministry partner and former child star Kirk Cameron. His name is Ray Comfort and he is a really neat Christian guy with a terrific sense of humor. Their ministry has been exploding in recent years and they now have a radio show and an award-winning TV program of their own, a Christian reality show about sharing your faith called Way of the Master (no, he is NOT a televangelist. Yuck!)

I very highly doubt my tract will get any mention, but Ray and Kirk are fascinating people with a terrific ministry, so this should be a good interview. Airtimes vary, but in the Minneapolis market Nightline will be airing this Friday at 10:35 pm on KSTP-5 (ABC). To check your local listings click HERE, type in your zip code, and then type in “Nightline” in the search box.