80,000 copies sold in six weeks!

First, I want to thank everyone for your kind words of concern for my Dad. He is home from the hospital and doing well. I am very thankful considering we came within a whisker of losing him. If the paramedics had arrived a couple of minutes later, he would have died. It really makes me realize how much I appreciate him and how easy it is to take our family members for granted. I’m looking forward to spending a little less time running myself ragged and spending a little more time with my Dad.

On the “art” side of things, I just recieved some great news. Recently I had the privilige of illustrating a cartoon gospel tract for Living Waters. The tract rolled off the presses in January with 80,000 copies, and I was just notified that the tract has sold out in only six weeks! Living Waters is printing 250,000 more (that’s a quarter million copies!). Needless to say, I am very stunned and excited! (In case you are wondering I choose not to accept any profits or royalties. That’s not what this project was about.)

You can read the tract online and order packs of 100 HERE or by clicking on the image below. More copies should be available in a couple of weeks.


7 thoughts on “80,000 copies sold in six weeks!

  1. I’m glad to hear your Dad is doing better. I went through the same thing with my Mom about 4 years ago!

    That’s fantastic that they sold out so fast!!!

    I really enjoy your work!

  2. Man that is so awesome Cedric! It’s amazing to see how God is using your talents. And I’m glad to hear your Dad is home and doing better. I’ll continue to keep you guys in my prayers. Keep up the great work man!

  3. Great news man! Praise the Lord, I really think these are great teaching tools! I’m going to have to snag one…I mean hundreds! Glad to hear things are going better with your Dad.

    -Jeremy S.

  4. I’ve been praying for your Dad Cedric. I glad to hear he’s home.

    Did you create this tract yourself or did Livingwaters contact you? I really hope you make more of these!!

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