Animation Classics Weekend

My wife is out of town and I’m stuck at home all weekend trying to meet deadlines, so I’ve been watching some great animation to keep myself occupied. I rented Curse of the Were-Rabbit (a hilarious movie) and have been listening to the audio commentary in my studio as I work. Then during breaks I’ve been going into the living room to watching some classic animated shorts on DVD and enjoying the cool special features.

The Looney Tunes Golden Collection is of course full of classic characters and bits. But I’d forgotten how fun and charming the Tom and Jerry shorts are. One of the special features is an entire short in animatic form (crude storyboard drawings), and I’m amazed at how well it holds up. The animators told their stories entirely in pantomime–no dialogue, just expressive drawings, clear pose, and flawless comic timing. The Pink Panther shorts also tell a lot with a little (at least the ones I’ve seen so far). Again no dialogue, and practically no backgrounds. If you are a fan of the cartoon “retro” style (as I am), the early Pink Panther stuff is full of rich eye candy. If I get around to it I’ll try and post grabs of some of the funky backgrounds.

Well, I’d better get back to work….


3 thoughts on “Animation Classics Weekend

  1. Great movie watching! I just picked up Wallace and Gromit two days ago, I’ve watched a bit of the extras…Awesome! I loved the film…very solid storytelling! And by the way the characters you’ve been posting up lately are so cool! Good job.


  2. Always enjoyed the Pink Panther cartoons. Sort of retro, but minimalist, too.

    Whatcha think of Mutts? I’m always amazed at how I stumble across things, looking for other things, and find gems. Thus: I found Mutts, looking for books of comic strips by others.

    I found Adam@Home the same way. And your site, too. LOL

    I recall some odd T&J cartoons – possibly from the early 60s. They were horrid! Very primitive art, incredible violence with not a chuckle in the cartoon to soften things. Don’t know who the animators or illustrators were, but those were actually disturbing to see! Completely different style from the classic T&J! *Ahhh, Jerry dancing with Gene Kelly*

    Daffy Duck remains my absolute favorite cartoon character. Especially the earlier, meaner version. Porky is fun, too. Never could get too interested in any of the Disney characters. I think I’m too “3-Stooges-ish” to be enamored of Disneyesque works.

    Daffy Duck mayhem seems to be my cup-of-tea!

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