I’m in the New York Times! (sort of)

Last year I did some artwork for Elmurst Dairy, New York’s largest dairy producer. They hired me to illustrate a skateboarding calf for those little milk cartons that they send to elementary schools. Today the art director sent me the link to a recent New York Times article featuring a photo of the milk cartons with my design. You can’t make out the art too clearly, but it’s still fun to say my work appeared in the New York Times (with a wink, of course).

Here’s an early design sketch and the actual final artwork (done in grayscale so they could use any colors they wanted):


5 thoughts on “I’m in the New York Times! (sort of)

  1. The New York Times….Wow:)

    Seriously, Your stuff could be in there,
    easily! Do you do editorial work?

    These cow designs are really sharp-looking. Good stuff.


  2. Thanks. I do editorial work on occassion, but most of my clients are ad agencies, corporations, and book/curriculum publishers.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! Your stuff looks great too, I especially like your caricatures. Keep up the great work!

  4. This story reminds me to the time that a friend told me that I was in People Magazine with John Travolta. Turns out that I was in the shadows behind J.T. and his wife at the Golden Globe awards.

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