A-Team on iTunes

The other day I noticed you can now purchase episodes from the A-Team (season 1) on iTunes. I couldn’t resist the nostalgia, so I treated myself to an episode. It brought back great memories. When I was about 10, every Tuesday night Mom would pop an enormous bowl of popcorn and our entire family would gather in the living room to watch The A-Team, followed by Riptide. Even though we were watching the “idiot box”, at least we were sharing something together (and doing plenty of talking and goofing around during commercials). For some reason those are really fond memories for me, and iTunes just brought them flooding back. Best $1.99 I’ve spent in quite a while.


2 thoughts on “A-Team on iTunes

  1. Hey Ced
    Yeah, I remember those times,too. It’s one of my favorite memories of childhood….remember how sometimes, if we were really good, we’d get to stay up and watch Remington Steele also?

    Love ya….your sis

  2. Lovin your blog. I really like your smooth illustrative style. You’re able to convey alot with very little.

    I recently caught an episode of the A-team too, and was surprised that it “held up” as well as it did. Definitely time well spent.

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