"Chair"-iot Race

I’m working on a project designing characters for a Flash-based racing game. There will be five different characters racing through the office in their own customized chairs. Here’s three of the designs so far, though they are still evolving. I’m enjoying trying to push the characters into a more abstract direction, something I want to get better at. (The orange skin and blue/pink hair is at the client’s request.)


31 thoughts on “"Chair"-iot Race

  1. Great poses and characters Cedric! I like this style. You’ve got a lot of nice styles to work in. I can’t wait to see more!

  2. Hey Cedric! Finally I can post on your blog, for some wierd reason everytime I would try the word verification would not be there. Anyways, this stuff is really great, I especially like the guy in the chair, it helps to define his character.
    Also, I showed a buddy of mine that came up from the Long Beach area the other day, The Way of The Master Tract you did! He helps run the Christian ministry at Long Beach State and he chats with Ray often, I guess Ray has a big passion for that area. Anyways he loved IT and I thought it was very enjoyable! Good JOB!!!!


  3. sold!
    these are great-i love the mix of techniques youve got going on here too-cedric the great!
    always a pleasure to visit-i thought i would let you know.
    freelancing..hmm..now there’s a topic..
    i know what you mean!-you don’t get used to it-you just say yes to whatever drops in-..a dog in a dress etc..yeah that sounds ok..by when??
    what a weird job.
    what’s your weirdest request from a client?

  4. I look forward to seeing more of this. I’m a great fan of Karting games, like Mario Kart, so please keep me updated, and if you want some one to beta test your game, I’d happily volunteer my services.

    The characters themselves look great, very distinctive from each other.

  5. When I read that the word for IF this week was chair, I was disappointed…Boring, I thought. You have changed my mind. These are wonderfully creative and fun…

  6. This just goes to show you CAN judge a person by their chair. Nice characters that fit perfectly with their hind-end companions.

  7. Great drawings!!! I like this “abstract direction” too.
    I would like to see more!

    Thanx for visiting my blog and your kind comments!

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