Time for Some Self-Promotion!

It’s time for a new “snail mail” campaign to promote my work. Here’s a rough mock-up of a postcard idea (click the images for a larger version). I’m trying to market myself as a character designer, so I’ve collected 11 of my favorite designs from 2005 into a psudo-Brady Bunch format.

This is going to be an expensive campaign so I want to create something simple, unique and appealing. I’d love to get some feedback from the readers of my blog (all three of you). What do you think? Too many colors? Does the text need to say more? (I know it should be darker). Is this even a good concept? WIll it stand out from all the other mailings that cross an art director’s desk? I really want to know your gut-level no-punches-pulled opinion.

Oh, I should mention that there will be a short bio and a list of my services on the back of the card. Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Time for Some Self-Promotion!

  1. From an Art Director’s perspective, I would say this is a good card. It Reflects your stye very well. Shows some range, but is consistantly your style. The only thing I would change is the fish with hat and guy with pencil. I would either move them or flip them so they are not looking off the card composition, but looking into the card composition (is that clear).

    Good job.

  2. This is an awesome card Cedric! I love the background colors and simple graphic approach. I hate to say it, but you need a girl in there. I think the two guys, middle row all the way to the left and all the way to the right, are repetitive. I’d lose the one on the left and put a pretty girl there. Someone once said, “If you can draw pretty girls, you’ll never go hungry.” Great job.

  3. Good start Cedric! I’ll agree with Kirk about the fish. I can’t tell what that is on his head getting cropped off. Tom is also right about adding a girl.

    0n top of that I would add some designs of kids. Your style would probably most comfortable in the kids market where knowing how to draw kids is pretty important.

    Also this might be nitpicking,but on the bottom right side drawings of the cow, bug and guy with glasses there is a white halo that makes them look cut out. (Probably because they are cut out.) I explain an easy way to avoid this (by isolating your linework to a layer in photoshop) in a post on the Drawing Board. just follow this link.


    It is looking really good!

  4. Hey Cedric, great card man. I think I’d agree with what Tom said, a girl or two would add to your already strong concept. As for the layout and “Brady Bunch” title idea, I think it’s great and a solid representation of your work. Good luck with it man.

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